Strength In Numbers – Group Training

You and your friends, your colleagues or even your family are welcome to come into the gym in groups (of a maximum of 3) and be put through mini boot camp style workouts. Our trainers will get the most out of you that they can…maybe you can help your training partner(s) to get even more out of themselves.

Prices will vary based on the amount of clients in one group session. Typically, the cost will be the initial cost of 1 client + 1/3.

For example: 1/2 hour session for a group of 3 people - ( $31 + $10 + $10 = $51/3) = $17 per person!

Simply put, the more clients in the session (maximum of 3) the cheaper the cost per person.

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Reach Fitness Training offers Vancouver personal training, Vancouver group training and Vancouver boot camps.

Telephone: (604)721-2310

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