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Personal Training

There is a lot to be said about the benefits of having a personal trainer. Acquiring knowledge, work ethic and attaining those long desired fitness goals…these are just a few of the positives that accompany the hiring of a personal trainer. The points that are rarely mentioned are accountability and motivation…possibly the most important aspects of acquiring a personal trainer. This is because, for many, the most difficult part of working out is actually being motivated to get to the gym. When you have someone waiting at the gym to train you it becomes an appointment and you now must be accountable.

At Reach Fitness Training we want your personal training experience to be amazing! We want you to arrive at the gym feeling confident that you will enjoy your training experience and leave the gym feeling fulfilled, refreshed and assured that you are working to achieve your goals. We accomplish this by making 1-on-1 training a unique and fun experience. Our ‘personable’ personal trainers will make you feel safe and comfortable in your workout environment. Through positive reinforcement, encouragement and exercise training we guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy your relationship with Reach Fitness Training.

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Strength in Numbers (Small Group Classes)

Sometimes people enjoy the comforts of having 1, 2 or even 3 of their close counter-parts with them while exercise training. The reason could be anything from camaraderie, accountability and motivation or simply because you like to ‘share the pain’ of your workouts with others. “Strength in Numbers” is a program that we offer in order to decrease the overall payment that you may incur in a 1-on-1 session as well as to incorporate a group dynamic into your training sessions. This group dynamic may be just what you need to get you in the mood to train and make training an even more enjoyable experience.

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Photo Fit

To be fit and healthy is an amazing way to live your life. We understand how difficult it is to lead a healthy lifestyle while working your fingers to the bone and trying to find time to make meals that are nutritious and calorie wise. On top of all this you are asked to workout with weights and perform cardiovascular exercise! Furthermore, as we get older it gets more difficult to find a reason to workout.

Well, we have a great reason! The Photo Fit Program® is designed to give you the motivation and incentive to get you in fantastic shape. “What is that incentive?” you ask. Quite simply at the end of your program you will be photographed by world class photographer Karolina Turek. What a wonderful reason to look and feel great. Karolina will make you look like a star and looking at your photos afterward will make you feel like one.

We know that you will love the results that you get from the Photo Fit Program®. Post your photos on Facebook, give them to your significant other or keep them for posterity. These photos will always remind you and others of the great body that you have and give you the incentive to keep it that way.

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